Who I am (maybe!)

A Yorkshire lass exiled to Scotland for much of Adult life, and now returned to (the deep south-east of ) England; Priest, wife, doting aunt, little sister, daughter, friend.

Theologically diverse – neither “conservative” or “liberal”, neither “evangelical” or “traditional”, not high, not low.  Strands of each make up my being, touch my spirit and inspire my life.

Married to Alan – a beardy Ayrshire bloke who met me when I was a curate getting my head shaved for charity, and thought I was mad (he still does!)

Gamer, sci-fi fan, avid reader, sometimes movie and tv addict.  My tastes are  eclectic, my sense of fun sometimes misunderstood.  That doesnt bother me in the slightest.


3 thoughts on “Who I am (maybe!)

  1. Stewart says:

    Ali – Trying to locate the tunnel in your header picture. I would like to think it is somewhere in Canada, but probably wrong.

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