to all of you who have been worrying that the lack of a blog may be a return to the difficulties of 2 years ago, I’m fine and having a blast in Englandshire. The lack of updates is merely a break to get my wee brain around the new stuff.  I’ve not got it all in a coherent enough place to blog it yet.

But life is good, the job is great (and busy!), and praise be –  yesterday  i got the whole of the way through the maze that is common worship without losing the place, getting bits back to front or sidelining the deacon.  It’s slowly starting to make sense, and soon i shall be playing around with it like a true pro  – scary prospect!


One thought on “apologies…

  1. Eamonn says:

    I wasn’t particularly worried, as I know you’ve emerged stronger from the last two years. But it’s good to hear your reassuring voice, and to know that things are going well. Long may it so remain.

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