This time last week, we said goodbye to a couple of good friends, and to our wee hoose in Glasgow.  After a mad dash down the A1, we arrived in Sunny Suffolk last Tuesday – exhausted and a wee bit grimey from the road.  Joy of joys we were met with smiling faces, ridiculously huge bunches of keys and some freshly made coffee.

Its been a strange week settling in and unpacking.  Bereft of broadband and satellite tv, and all too conscious that family and friends descend upon us soon, we have managed to get more or less organised – the box mountain has eroded, leaving piles of “stuff” wherever we turn, but slowly and surely the stuff is finding a home, and so are we.

So now we are surrounded by England flags, a strange mix of Suffolk and Essex accents (some of which are currently incomprehensible), strangers in a strange land.  But we have been made welcome, plied with alcohol, been fed and provided with an escape bolthole, had fun poked in our direction (and even one brave soul trying to organise me….).  Life is good.

Next Monday is the Licensing, and then the grafting starts in earnest. Tomorrow will see me gatecrashing the clergy conference (whilst the beardy one is left to continue unpacking), meeting new colleagues and being inspired by the speakers.  For tonight – back to the piles of stuff – see if they can shrink a wee bit more 🙂

Thanks to all in Glasgow for the good times and the good send off, and to new friends in Ipswich for the welcome so far 🙂


10 thoughts on “Landed!

  1. Sue says:

    Tis good to have you here. Welcome to the 2 of you:)

  2. Jimmy says:

    I hope and will pray that you will find and will also be a blessing (the beardy one too).

  3. Ali says:

    Thanks Sue, and cheers Jimmy.

  4. Jonathan - a different one :) says:

    Lying in again I see 😛

    • Ali says:

      hehe, as ever 🙂 a different Jonathan eh? intrigued!

      • Jonathan - a different one :) says:

        A disambiguatory nom-de-plume I’ve used elsewhere (where there was a pre-existing and totally not-me Jonathan) that Firefox seems to have remembered for me.

  5. Jonathan - a different one :) says:

    More usefully (?) have you seen the first couple of links on the current post on Sam Norton’s blog (

  6. Eamonn says:

    All the best for the settling-in process. May you find peace, joy and fulfilment in your new ministry (and the beardy one, too!).

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