All good things…

only 2 Sundays left to go here in Glasgow.  Seven years suddenly seem to have flown by, and every so often I start wondering what I am doing leaving this place for the south of England.  Yes, the last 18 months- 2 years have been tough, marred by illness and lack of support from them that should know better, but i really am going to miss the people here, even the ones that wind me up something awful! (they know who they are :-))  There have been some extremely good times too, and there is sadness in moving on, but it is the right time, and the right place to move to.

The drama has continued to the end, with yet more hassle at Knightswood.  This time it comes in the shape of Vandalism – the Willful Fire-raising variety to be exact.  The Boiler, which has had so many plagues upon it over the last few months is now deceased. Defunct. Cremated.

Packing is moving on apace, and the diary for what comes after Glasgow is beginning to take shape.  Inductions into the inner workings of the C of E, the normal stuff of ministry to get on with (if there is such a thing), settling into a new area, new home and getting to know those strange beings south of the border.  I’m excited by the challenges of all that is new, reassured by all that will be familiar, and looking forward to being in a team once more – such luxury!

The blog will be sporadic over the next few weeks as we pack and then unpack.  then hopefully life will get back to normal

3 thoughts on “All good things…

  1. Eamonn says:

    Still with you in spirit! Good luck with the packing, and the poignant business of saying goodbye to your congregations and all that you’ve had around you in Glasgow, both good and bad. And we look forward to the resumption of blogging in due course.


  2. It’s not too late Ali! Aaaaaallllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

    • Ali says:

      er – past the point of no return now Kenny – jobless and homeless in a month if i dont go…

      hope you’re still on for lunch Monday – my treat 🙂

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