did it make a difference?

so we all went and voted – lots of us anyway.  and now we have the largely expected hung parliament.  Its going to be interesting to see which way the libdems hop as the offers for coalition com flying their way.  I’m hoping they dont go with the tories, although that would give a largely blue team some legitimacy in Scotland, as the libs did reasonably well in the north.

Why dont the Scots want the tories, after 12 years of labour power and Blairite politics?  The answer to that lies in the long memories up here – closing the mines, being experimented on with community charge and poll tax, the sense of increased isolation from decision making.  Lots of anger and hurt still abound in the Scottish towns and villages which  lost so many services, people and any sense of community in those times and since.  And fear that with a blue team in leadership more of the same will happen. Not surprising, and the industrial north of England is wary for the same, or similar reasons.

Whatever happens over the next few days, its a time to pray for those who will lead – that they will care more about the people they are serving than their own sense of importance, that they will lead with integrity, courage and justice to get us through the tough times we are in.  Whoever ends up resident in Downing Street and sitting in the front benches at Westminster is going to have a tough job convincing themselves and us that they can do something useful.


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