Pink doors and gnarly apple trees…

a few pics for your delight:

The new house – work is currently being done, so no interior shots, (and hopefully no pink doors by the time we get there)

Nice big garden, which has been lovingly tended by the congregation during the vacancy.  I love the gnarled old apple trees – not sure if they’re cookers or eaters yet tho…

St Francis is that amazingly bright green roofed building, with the church hall to the left.  Its a post-war effort, so bright, airy and cheerful, with plenty of space and light.  Interior pics can be found here

The house sits behind the church – nice and quiet, away from the main road. couldnt get much closer to the church if i tried…

there is little happening on the  packing front: Alan is pottering at it when I nag.  Still so much to do here in Glasgow, and so many things to think about.


2 thoughts on “Pink doors and gnarly apple trees…

  1. jimmy says:

    I new a minister many years ago whose manse was on the church grounds, he would buy big jars of cheep coffie. He told me I was getting the good coffie, which was nice of him. I haven’t been to Ipswich but I’ve heard that there is a tradition of Travelling People picking fruit around the Ipswich area. So there’s a nice wee outreach ministry all ready and waiting.

  2. Eamonn says:

    Looks very good. I hope you’ll both be happy there.

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