Big Stuff and holidays

Sorry the blog has been a little quiet of late – too much going on in my head and not enough time – elections, volcanoes, planning trips to see friends and family in England, wedding anniversary looming, work stuff, house moves, job moves.  Lots of big stuff to get my head around, but all is good.

On holiday this week, & our original holiday plans were scuppered so nipping to see my mammy down in Yorkshire – a trip we make far too infrequently.  If we’re lucky we see each other every 18 months or so, and we’re both useless at phoning, so lots of news will be shared over a short visit.  From there, down the A1 to the south and hoping the roads won’t be too stacked with irate people trying to get home after expensive ferry journeys – being stuck in traffic jams on the A1 is not a pleasant experience!

The trip south will be an adventure – I’ve been down a couple of times over the last 2 months, and we will be making a permanent move to East Anglia in the not too dim and distant – a new job for me, a new home for the pair of us, life will certainly be different.  We’re taking the opportunity to visit the new house (Alan hasn’t seen it yet), get to know people a little better, and generally relax.  We’re both excited at the prospect of the move, although the enormity of it all is a wee bit daunting at times.  Mixed feelings too – we’re going to miss the people we know and love here.  Skype is a wonderful thing!

It will be the first time Alan has lived south of the border (so all a bit alien for him), and getting my head around the big machine that is the Church of England is definitely proving to be interesting – its 17 years now since I moved north, and I’ve never seen the English church from this perspective before.  Lots to read, learn and inwardly digest as I prepare, whilst at the same time keeping my head and heart in the tasks to be done in Glasgow for the present time.  All is busy, but good.


8 thoughts on “Big Stuff and holidays

  1. Kenny says:

    It’s not too late. Give Gregor that all-important Consecration Present and decide you’re stayin’ after all!

  2. Kenny says:

    PS. Will you have a tractor rather than the Clyde Tunnel as the Blog Mast in future?

  3. Eamonn says:

    Oh, Ali! This is such a shock. I’m pleased and sad at the same time. We’ll miss ye sair.

    • Ali says:

      Eamonn, I am going to miss you too my friend – especially that conspiratorial glint in those Irish eyes at Diocesan Synod 🙂 we will be back for visits on a regular basis

  4. Rhiannon says:

    Yikes! We need to have you round in the next six weeks then!

    • Ali says:

      last services are joint at HC on 6 June, and then evensong in All Saints that evening. not got licensing date yet, will probably find that out when we’re down later this week

  5. Alan says:

    We’re moving?!?!?! When were you going to tell me?!?

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