new toy…

after a few months of using the most useless phone in the world, I’ve upgraded back to smartphones rather than a combination of a duff phone and my ipod touch. (dont worry, apple geeks, the ipod is still a nice peice of kit i have no intention of giving up…)

I wanted a piece of kit that would: let me take notes unobtrusively in meetings (or voice record them for later), videos, decent pics, enable me to not get lost (very important!), sync with my calendar across 3 devices (PC/ipod/phone), co-ordinate twitter and blog feeds, browse and check email online, update blog and facebook, chat to my brother for free (in China!), play the occasional bit of music and do all the usual phone call/text message type stuff.  It has to do these well – no point paying for features that only work some of the time.  Surely not too much to ask for a humble peice of kit that will be shoved in pockets or my handbag?

three options leapt off the screen as i have been looking around for the gadget to meet my requirements:  the iPhone, the Nokia X6 and the HTC Desire.  When asked for advice friends were split between iPhone and HTC, and each had their good and bad points.  The iphone has a pretty cruddy camera (but would sync with all the apps from my ipod touch), and would make my Ipod touch redundant.  The cost of the handset (in addition to the level of contract i was willing to pay for) is a little prohibitive too.  It is gadget eye-candy of the highest order, but didnt quite reach the mark.

HTC Desire is the one I opted for in the end – in addition to all the things i wanted it to do, it looks and feels great (unlike previous HTC’s I’ve used which were all a bit brick-like).  integrated GPS, HD video, apps in abundance, and running on Google Android operating system with a 1gh snapdragon processor.  It does all that i wanted it to do, and does them all rather nicely so far!


3 thoughts on “new toy…

  1. Kenny says:

    I saw it and believe! Blessed are those who have not seen it and believe! Wish I’d seen it before buying my Palm Pre!

  2. Jimmy says:

    Have to go now and get two paracetamols.
    I’ve had my £20 phone for a few years, it has two functions – phone and text.
    It also has a really good alarm and a wee calculator.

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