Rima Updates

Since my rather non-committal response from John Robertson MP, things have moved on apace.  He has given in to the amount of public support for Rima, and will now intervene if all else fails. Catherine Stihler MEP also raised her case in the European Parliament.

This is all fantastic stuff, but there is so much more to be done.  Please – if you havent already, sign up to the facebook page, sign the petitions and write to your own MP’s and MEP’s, asking them to voice support for Rima and to work with  Mr Robertson and Ms Stihler.  Head to the campaign website for addresses and further information.  Please also continue to pray for Rima, and for her fosterparents Alison and Robert.

From the website:

Once again, thanks. Your support has already given us Mothering Sunday as a family, and we are now looking forward to spending the Easter Holidays together. Rima continues to work hard at College, and has now been given the chance of a really great work placement from April. If we all keep working we can give her the chance to stay with us until she is ready to leave home naturally, and take her place in the world.

with love, hope and gratitude,
Robert, Alison, and Rima


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