Blinged up

Over at Emergent Kiwi an interesting question is being asked – what is the theology regarding use of vestments in the emerging church (what in the uk is being termed “fresh expressions”)? The video is a bit of fun, although “blinging the bish” may be a challenging idea,  an eye opener for those who claim experimental or youth-culture based worship isn’t “church”.

The whole point of new and emerging forms of worship is that they allow people to meet God where they are, as they are.  Its about context, culture,  identity, honesty.  To fail to do the same, and buy into the whole “trying to look like I fit in” philosophy doesnt work – it’s just patronising.   Be who you are, meet people where they are and seek a vision of heaven together.  Make attempts to understand the culture, the context and the situation they are in, but if its not yours be honest about it, and celebrate the difference.

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