The Society, Religion and Technology Project (Church of Scotland, ACTS, SEC and reformed churches)  hits the 40 year milestone this year.  Over the years it has developed a reputation for informed and perceptive analysis of current technology. Its vision is:

* To foster an informed understanding in society of the issues which confront it as a result of current and future technologies, and to inform the churches of key developments
* To provide opportunities for technologists to reflect on the ethical implications of their work,
* To respond with considered judgement to Government bodies on technological issues
* To contribute actively to European and international debates on these issues

Saturday May 1 will see a conference in Edinburgh City Chambers to mark the anniversary of SRTP. Contributors include
Prof. John Wyatt (University College, London) : Ethical Issues at the Beginning and end of Life.
Ian Hore‐Lacy (London): A renewed Role for Nuclear power in the UK.
Dr. David Pullinger (Head, UK Government Digital Policy): Technology, e‐Government and the Citizen.

To register, or find more information, email

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