steampunk stuff

What would the world look like if our technology had been invented in the victorian age?  There’s something about the fusion of Edwardian or Victorian style and modern technology which makes me glad there are wonderfully creative people in this world.  Whether the technology is fictional or real-world, this stylised concept art is brilliant.  Steampunk inspiration stems from authors such as Jules Verne, HG wells, and more recently William Gibson, comic books and movies such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Wild Wild West and and others.  If Charles Babbage had succeeded in creating his Difference Engine back in the early 19th Century and computing had developed at that early stage, how would other advancements have grown, and what would they have looked like?  Of course, the answer to that question is pure speculation and fantasy, but the artistic ideas and concepts built from that fantasy are beautiful.

Loved this:

All credit for this work to amoebabloke @ deviantart

Want something a bit more practical and less Sci-Fi?  a neo-Victorian computer on your desk, instead of that shiny polished plastic perhaps?  head over to the steampunk workshop where Jake Von Slatt will not only show you what he’s done, but will give you a full guide on how to do it yourself.

For more of an idea of what steampunk is all about, see here

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