under a mountain of books

I tend to jump around from book to book, flitting here and there as if my mind were still that of a student.  So in lent I make more of an effort to read theology in a more disciplined and concentrated way.  Some are books that have lain unopened on the shelves for a while, others new purchases.

the current list:
Faith Odyssey – Richard Burridge
The Language of God: A Scientist presents evidence for belief – Francis Collins
A new Kind of Christianity: 10 Questions that are informing the faith – Brian D McLaren
Praying the Movies – Edward McNulty
Faith and Film – Edward McNulty
With eyes of Flesh: The Bible, Gender and Human Rights – Carole R Fontaine
A Moral Climate: Michael Northcott
After McDonaldisation – john Drane
The Road to Growth – Bob Jackson


4 thoughts on “under a mountain of books

  1. Ali says:

    Thus says the Diocesan Sook! 😛
    awa’ an read a book!

    seriously, if i get through 2 or 3 i will be happy

  2. Jonathan says:

    2, 3 and 8 are good.

  3. Ali says:

    cheers for that Jonathan 🙂 I think it was you who recommended the Collins one

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