not again!

Yet again, the HC boilerroom is flooded, and the church was baltic yesterday!

Another backup from the sewer system, flooding back along the system to the surface drain at the boilerroom door – over 1 foot of water and associated gunk there.  Back on to Scottish Water to  drag them out again after their “tha bit’s us!” comments last time – a great wee example of repentance in action!.

We’ve just received the repair bill from the last incident of boilerroom flooding (ulp!), thankfully the boiler is insured, and I’m praying it was just the safety cut-out, rather than more major damage.

*UPDATE:  Neil from Scottish Water came and did the Magic with the super-long plunger. The waters have receeded, just got to wait for the boiler to dry out and then see if the thing works!


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