Justice for Rima

Rima Andmariam is a young Eritrean teenager in Glasgow, enjoying being a student at Anniesland College, the top of which i can see through my study window as I write.

She’s had a pretty grotty time since fleeing Eritrea (understatement of the year from Ali!), ignored by the Italian immigration system and suffering physical harm whilst under their duty of care. Treated as an adult by ours, she was living rough for a while before being dumped in Dungavel Detention Centre – despite being 15 at the time of her arrival.  She’s now 17, and  stays with a fantastic couple here in the city, members of St Silas Episcopal Church.

Please head here or here and learn a little of Rima’s story.  Then act:  Pray for Rima and her surrogate family in Glasgow, head here and sign the online petition, write to your MP, the Home Secretary, join the facebook group.  Write to Rima’s MP, John Robertson, The UK Border Agency, the First Minister.  Write to them all or just one, but please do something!

One of the things I both love and hate about  being a priest is being a voice for the voiceless,  for the ones to whom no-one will listen, for whom no-one seems to care.  I love it because I can do it, I can make my voice heard and I can see results.  I hate it because I need to do it in the first place!


One thought on “Justice for Rima

  1. David Littlejohns says:

    THose who work for the Home Office and UK Borders & Immigrations and those who supervise and set the policies must examine their conscience and deside whether or not the way things are done now are just, sensible and compassionate. The “easye cases are those like Rima and made examples of whilst others less deserving of care and compassion roam free.

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