the inside of my head…

this is how i feel after 2 days away followed by Diocesan Synod:

Cartoon by Dave Walker

post everywhere, pewsheets and sermon to finish – I need sleep!  Its been a good few days: lots done, discovered and shared.  But now my head hurts, i need to relax and wind down.

It was  a reasonable Synod, really: nothing overly contentious, canons for 2nd reading at General Synod passed quickly, budget dealt with relatively smoothly,  and a great presentation from the MDO, even if she did knobble me to say a few words about the Theology and the Academy seminars.  She also had Fr Kenny eloquently admitting he was the Diocesan sook when it comes to CME days, proving his ability to be the class clown with a serious point made in the midst of the laughter.

The biggest gripe for some:  enhanced Disclosure Scotland checks for Eucharistic Assistants.  Although I completely agree with those who commented about the  accusatory culture we live in, and have some sympathyfor those who questioned the need for such checks with such a public ministry,  my agreement lies with the provost’s comment on this issue: although it rarely happens, there are occasions when an abused person has walked into church, only to see their abuser  serving the sacrament alongside the priest at the altar rail.  It is a position of authority, responsibility and trust, conferred not only by the congregation and vestry but by the Bishop.  The pastoral implications are huge, and the voice of the abused often goes unheard amidst the cries about red tape and the feelings of volunteers  “being accused”.   Let us ensure that our actions are freeing rather than restricting, our decisions life-giving rather than damaging, and our Spirit soars rather than our ego or our pride.

having read the scores upon my return, I think I’m glad I was at Synod rather than at home watching the rugby 😦

4 thoughts on “the inside of my head…

  1. Eamonn says:

    Your cartoon reminded me of how, in a burst of enthusiasm, I once bought a book entitled, ‘Clear your desk!’ Couldn’t find it for three weeks!

  2. Ali says:

    love it 🙂

    my desk may look disorganised, but i know exactly where the item i need is at any given time – under everything else!

  3. Kenny says:

    “Class Clown”??? Moi?????

  4. Ali says:

    aye, and a hard act to follow!

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