marked by ashes

Is this the manner of fasting I wish,
of keeping a day of penance:
That a man bow his head like a reed,
and lie in sackcloth and ashes?
Do you call this a fast,
a day acceptable to the LORD?
This, rather, is the fasting that I wish:
releasing those bound unjustly,
untying the thongs of the yoke;
Setting free the oppressed,
breaking every yoke;
Sharing your bread with the hungry,
sheltering the oppressed and the homeless;
Clothing the naked when you see them,
and not turning your back on your own.

3 thoughts on “marked by ashes

  1. Jan says:

    That’s kind of what I said to Catie when she suggested we all give up chocolate. 🙂 That, and just plain *NO!* 🙂

  2. Ali says:

    Isaiah is good for that 🙂 Glad she wants to do something for Lent tho – maybe she could take something up, along with the rest of the gang at church? or maybe work through the Christian Aid or Mothers Union “count your blessings” material? it should be on their respective websites.

  3. Jan says:

    I’ve ordered Love Life Live Lent from Church House Publishing, but only yesterday, so we’ll have to start late

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