Games get a bad press (again!!!)

It seems the gaming industry and community came in for a bit of an ear bashing at General Synod, especially from Tom Benyon, a lay member attempting to scandalise the industry and bring about stronger regulation.

Thing is – half of the game content he mentions doesnt actually exist, except in the minds of those who wish to scandalise a growing medium.   Whilst no-one denies the need to protect the vulnerable from the dangers in this world, there are enough of them without inventing a few more.  As for stronger regulation – any fool walking past Game or PCWorld can see games are already regulated and classified for appropriate age content.  Maybe its education that is needed – for mainstream adults who wander into shops and buy the latest game for their offspring without even considering the classification or reading the descriptions of content on the back of the case.

See here for what I said back in November about this very subject


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