Challenge & Chat (and a pint or 2)

Good day today.  CMD (Continuing Ministerial Development) day with the Diocesan Ministry Development Officer, and with Chris Kellock of CPAS, with the theme Discerning Direction in Mission.

I’m never quite sure about such days, what they will contain, how well they will be recieved by me or by others. Also, they always seem to fall on my day off (taking a part-day tomorrow instead)!  CPAS isnt an organisation usually associated with the liberal-catholic identity of the SEC or this diocese, so I was surprised to see they had been scheduled for this.

Small turnout, but I think that maybe added to the day, rather than detract from it. The content itself was good – an exploration of how to build and own vision for mission, within yourself and within your congregation – similar stuff to what we’ve been working through  in both congregations with Mission Action Planning and Mission Audit over the last several months.  So in many ways a reprise of thoughts already aired, but presented in a different manner.

But what  made it worthwhile and not one of those “i really could be off enjoying myself on my day off but I’m stuck here” kind of days, was the discussion with colleagues which made the material come alive.

We tend to forget that our colleagues often face  the same difficulties and challenges of small  and often multiple church ministry, the same concerns of isolation, of lack of resourcing, of worry for their flocks. To know “I’m not alone”, to be reaffirmed as a priest,  friend and colleage – that is where the deep value lies. That we were able to share so openly, to pray for each other and be challenged by each other – there is the blessing.  There is value too (as Kenny points out) in the reminder that we are embedded in something bigger than the immediacy of our local setting.

The day was topped of when two of us (my good pal, neighbour and occasional drinking buddy Dave AKA gadgetvicar) continued the conversation over a pint in our local, and were then joined GadgetVicar’s eldest son and my hubby in the same hostelry for food before going our seperate ways.  Of course, as ever when 4 people with geekish tendencies get together over beer, major geekery ensued:  movies, music, games, phones, little bits of tech to keep us amused.  I sense a Wii night in the offing at some point in the not too dim & distant!

At the end of the day, finally home and ready to collapse in a tired heap, I  had a few difficulties forwarding an email to Englandshire  – something to do with the HTML/PHP coding embedded in the email. Screenshot, trimmed and sent as a Jpeg file instead (with a wee explanation to what had been done and why).  The response I got made me smile – efficient and intimidating!

Only geekily intimidating – honest 🙂

(Oh – and thanks to our vegetarian MDO for finding bacon butties for Dave and myself on arrival this morning – your sacrifice will give extra brownie points somewhere I’m sure!)

here’s one of the video clips used in the day:

2 thoughts on “Challenge & Chat (and a pint or 2)

  1. Eamonn says:

    ‘A goodly fellowship’. How affirming and supportive that is! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Ali says:

    A goodly fellowship indeed Eamonn 🙂

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