…metaphorically speaking at least – January has been a month of drama and crises.  Dramatic elections, pipes bursting in both  the church and (the other, empty) rectory, bereavements, family illness and so on – the list is pretty long.  I’ve been leaping from one situation to another, dealing with them as much as possible, seeking diocesan  and other help where possible.  In terms of all that has happened, January has been a pretty awful month, and I’m glad to see the back of it!

However, in terms of health/coping/managing stress and anxiety – January has been a very good month.  No crumbling in an anxious tearful heap in the corner, no panic.  I’ve even managed to take time for me, not to hide away in a wee dark room somewhere, but  to join in some good discussion with colleagues and academics  over a glass or 2 of wine (and the of course the post-discussion  curry!) This time last year, any additional stress was unbearable and for a wee  while the cracks were very much evident.  Now?  Its all good.  Even when circumstance tries to dictate otherwise.  Praise be!


3 thoughts on “Firefighting…

  1. Jonathan says:


  2. Jan says:

    Really good to hear. 🙂

  3. Kenny says:

    You’ve got it together pal, and remain positive! Lunch needs you to be positive!

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