Coming soon….

Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, on 9 Feb, Sky 1 to be exact.

Questions of life, humanity, humility and survival – these are what science fiction at its best addresses, often challenging the status quo, delving into the hypocritical nature of our political/corporate actions and shining a light into the dark places of our psyche.  Some shows  act as modern-day parables exploring the extremes of our behaviour, technology and lifestyle.  Unfortunately some TV series with great potential have been cancelled in recent months, on the whim of the network bosses (Dollhouse, FlashForward, Defying Gravity and the remake of V most recently).  Lets hope the yanks give Caprica a good chance to tell its story, I for one look forward to seeing it.


6 thoughts on “Coming soon….

  1. Kenny says:

    But I need the rest of Flash Forward. When does the unfinished series begin again?

  2. Ali says:

    not until mid-March 😦 that and the V remake are being delayed until after the winter olympics. There’s some hope that FF will be resurrected for a 2nd season, but I doubt it will happen – shame, it was just getting good. they’ll finally blame the cancellation on bad ratings, but after a 4 month mid-season break, what do they expect?

    Similar thing happened with firefly – it was put on at 2am and then cancelled for poor ratings. US network officials need a common-sense transplant i think!

  3. GadgetVicar says:

    At least Flash Forward will get a resolution, because the remaining shows aren’t filmed yet. The writers will have a heads up. Unlike Defying Gravity, which was simply cut, leaving the thing in mid-orbit!

  4. Ali says:

    you sure Gadget? as far as i can tell its in the can and ready to go, just delayed because of the Olympics – poor choice imo. and there are whispers on the wire of a 2nd bout of universal narcolepsy (not that i read the spoilers of course…)

    Defying Gravity never had a chance. I really enjoyed it, but i think maybe it was too slow-paced for the American audience

    How come all the sci-fi geeks around here are clergy?

  5. Rhiannon says:

    Not clergy here.

    I think the network bosses sometimes want sci-fi series to fail because they don’t understand them. So they do things like swap the times around so that they can then claim ‘Look, poor ratings!’

    Caprica looks good from those trailers. I gave up on Battlestar Galactica after it dived so horribly in the latter half of Season 3, but I still think the pilot and first series had great potential. So I’ll give Caprica a go. When it comes out on DVD or some other means by which I can choose when to watch it.

  6. Ali says:

    Yay for the voice from the laity 🙂

    Its worth sticking through the daft bit of season 3 – the final season was brilliant!

    I’m looking forward to Caprica, though i think it is going to have a very different feel to BSG. Also looking forward to seeing BSG:The Plan (Sci-Fi channel movie) It’s aired in the States already, and the reviews are a bit mixed, but could be an interesting take on what was going on in the Cylon mentality prior to the attack on the colonial planets

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