Christian Aid Haiti Update

Just received an update from the Diocese regarding the Christian Aid work in Haiti following the earthquake (dont forget you can donate to the emergency relief fund here)

CA launched an appeal on 13 January in response to the earthquake and quickly released £100,000 for immediate emergency relief to help those affected. Funds raised from the appeal will go to support the work of our partners in Haiti.

Christian Aid is responding to the emergency in Haiti by working with its long-standing partners in the country. At the moment, these partners are sourcing emergency relief items for distribution to more than 15,000 people in eight different locations. Whilst most of the emergency response has focused on the capital Port-au-Prince, there are hundreds of people in other areas devastated by the quake in dire need of assistance right now.

Our partners will shortly begin the distribution of the following supplies including food, tents for shelter, jerrycans for storing water, blankets and hygiene kits in these locations: Carrefour, Leogane, Petit Guave, Miragoane, Plaine du Cul de Sac Delmas.

Our partners have the capacity to reach 15,000 people in the following locations:

Aprosifa: 2,000 people in Carrefour Feuilles
Koral: 4000 people – 3,000 in Leogane, 600 in Font National and 400 in Canape Vert
National Human Rights Defence Network (RNDDH): 5,000 people in Petit Goave
Gramir: 2,500 people in Miragoane

Garr: Up to 2500 people – 1500 in Plaine du Cul de Sac and up to 1000 in Delmas 33

CA has partners in the Dominican Republic working to support Haitians in the DR for example Solidaridad Fronteriza a DR partner based at the northern border and the Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Service.

The Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Service sent trucks with supplies on 17th January into Port au Prince carrying a generator and fuel both which are urgently needed. Further supplies will be gathered and sent to Barahona and other collection points.

DR partners and other members of civil society are working together to ensure the response from this side is as coordinated as possible. Partners with offices at the border have offered these as bases. The Centro Bono with other organisations is currently coordinating the collection of emergency relief supplies and food to be taken to Haiti. They have a chain of warehouses and collection points and links with transportation companies to ferry this once it is possible to ship it across the border.

What is CA’s position regarding military intervention in humanitarian operations in Haiti?

Christian Aid welcomes the involvement of the US military in the relief effort. It is entirely logical that they should step in as they have the necessary resources close to hand. We would hope that the military forces of other nearby countries would also play a role.

In providing security for the relief effort, we would urge the US to coordinate with UN forces in Haiti, and work under the auspices of the Haitian government. We would also urge that the US military includes local agencies in the decision making process about what is needed and how distribution should take place.

The involvement of the US military is not a long term solution, but in the short term they will undoubtedly help speed up the relief effort.

Significant amounts of aid have been promised by various governments, which we welcome. We would hope that as the true scale of this disaster becomes apparent, donor governments will increase their commitments. Some governments during previous disasters have promised much and delivered little. We would urge all donors to honour their pledges. The help that is given must be additional to each government’s aid budget.

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