Electoral Synod today – the day we finally got to meet (officially) the candidates for Bishop.  Each gave a 15 min presentation, and then after lunch were asked a series of questions prepared by the Primus (which were based on the questions of the synod membership).  Confidentiality encompasses the process, so no sharing what was said, but i can state that we have 3 excellent candidates in Alison, Gregor and John.  Pray for them, and pray for us as we reflect this week, before the Election on Saturday.

Prior to today, I knew who my favoured candidate  was “on paper”, having read the materials distributed.  I also knew that today I would listen intentlygive due attention as the candidates flexed their wings in what must have been for them a very intense and tough day.  Pray for us electors also, for we have have a tough decision to make, and each candidate has gifts and skills which will bring something good to the diocese and its people, and to the wider community.  Especially pray as we gather again on Saturday to discuss and to vote, that the listening, the praying and the wisdom will continue and ring through all that we do.

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