it never rains, but it pours…

…through the ceiling that is.  Following the saga of the flooded of the boiler-room (see here), we had heat for Christmas morning (YAY!), and for the joint service on the 27th Dec, with a goodly turnout at each, considering the weather.  However, due to temperatures plummeting this week we’ve had new problems anew at Holy Cross.  A burst pipe late this afternoon, in the attic space above the sacristy where the header tank resides.  Water everywhere –  a soggy sacristy indeed.  Most  of it  is draining through the floor to drown our newly repaired boiler.  Emergency plumber has been and sorted the pipe, but the remains of the water are still dripping into the sacristy – not a lot i can do in the dark (its coming through the light fixtures, as well as new cracks in the ceiling).  Rescued some stuff, the rest will have to wait for daylight.

I can think of several expletives to use at this point, but i’m too tired just now.  So much for a restful week off post-Christmas


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