its no us, missus!

“Its no us, its Scottish Water ye need – we just deal with the run off on the roads”,  says the man at the council
“its no us, its the Coooncil – we just deal with the sewers hen” says the patronising woman at Scottish water

And so it began – days of wrangling, arguing and trying to get someone to look at the drainage near the church, as there was a blockage somewhere and it was causing the surface water drain next to the boiler room to flood.  No boiler, no heat and more rain on the way. In the meantime the beardy Alan and a couple of volunteers baled out the area, only to have it fill in again, backing up through the system.

Being bounced like a tennis ball between Council and Scottish Water hasnt been fun, but the man at the council was extremely helpful, and offered to hassle Scottish Water as well, on my behalf.  I thanked him (but didnt take up his offer just yet….)

Finally I resorted to the manager at the Scottish Water call centre, and their website, where i quoted their responsibilities where flooding is concerned – “Scottish Water has the public drainage duty and is responsible for the drainage of rainwater run-off from roofs and any paved ground surface within the property boundary. ”

“I’ve never heard that before” says Ms Scottish Water.  I direct her to the website link where she can read it herself.

“OK” she concedes, “I’ll log the job and have someone out tomorrow!”

Scottish Water man comes this morning – “ah its on private land, thats no us!”
“According to your information leaflets and website it is”,  says little old me, rather insistently.
“Ach, I’ll have a wee look for you, but you might have to call out a private firm”

He, pokes and prods, and hoses the affected drain and does whatever else drainage men do to no avail.

“It’s no really ma job, but i’ll have a wee look for you in the other pipes, see if i can find yer block”.  I smile sweetly and thank him, and wish I was somewhere warm.

30 mins later, he declares the main drain clear, definately not our job – might be a collapse between the 2, possibly even under the building…

Another 20 mins later he looks in the main sewer trap “theres your problem – its no really us, should be a private job but i’ll see if i can clear it for you”

Another 30 mins, its clear.  backed up water by the boilerroom door is receeding, he’s pumping and hosing and plunging at the main trap, making sure its done

“There ye go hen, if it happens again, just give Scottish Water a call.  This bit’s us”


2 thoughts on “its no us, missus!

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