metal monk retiring from showbiz

see the Beeb here.  I’ve blogged about his music before, see here

Its a shame he’s “retiring” from the music industry, but i understand his reasons.  There are those who would say he shouldnt have been involved in rock culture or rock music anyway, as a Capuchin Monk – stuff and nonsense!.  His non-conformist ministry to those outside the church cultural norms is to be admired, and good for him for not giving in to his critics.

We could dismiss the “devil’s getting in the way” reasons for retiring, its old school church language which seems to have no relevance in todays culture.  However, behind that language is an important point – the dropping or giving up of something which has become a distraction rather than enhancement of being.  Maybe if more people stopped doing the things which no longer held life for them, were no longer strengthening or affirming, they would have happier lives.  For some, with major  issues such as addiction, this is not an easy task, by any stretch of the imagination.  For others of us, sometimes we simply do not recognise those things which we need to set down until the damage is already done – we’ve always done this, why change?

Maybe more frequent reflection on who we are and where we are is something we can learn from this couragous monk – for it is that reflection which gives us courage to take up the unexpected and run with it, and it is that reflection which gives us space to set it down again when its time has done.  he is couragous because he did exactly that – not sticking within the confines of what was “because thats how we/i’ve always done it”, and then putting it aside when it no longer “works”.

As individuals, as churches, and even as nations we can learn a thing or 2 from this brave man.

for now, enjoy 🙂


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