Forbidden pleasures and rants

One of my wee pleasures is taking the occasional wander up Buchanan St and into Forbidden Planet – for a Sci-fi geek it is the nearest thing to heaven this side of eternity – books, games, graphic novels, various collectibles from the sublime to the ridiculous, the well-recognised and the most obscure tat of the sci-fi kind crammed together on semi-organised shelves.

It seemed an obvious place to pre-order a book i wanted last month – a new Star Wars novel, which was also providing a major update to Star Wars Galaxies, which i play on a regular basis with pals from all over the world.  Both the book and the game update shared the same international release date, co-inciding with my birthday. A nice wee treat for myself then  – or so i thought when i logged on to their website and placed a pre-order

I left ordering the book a little late – only 2 days before release, so wasnt too concerned when it didnt turn up on release day (as usually happens with pre-orders).  A couple of weeks in however, I get a bit frustrated, contact FP, and am told release date isnt until 30 October, and it should be with me around that date (a complete lie! by this time other players have already read the book and put reviews on the SWG forums, and I’ve played a chunk of the new game content).  However the generous and non-complaining side of me wins out, until this week.  I email them again, point out their lie, and the fact that the price (which i’ve paid in full at the time of the order) has been reduced on their website.  I cancelled the order.  I suspect they hadnt received enough pre-orders to warrant their costs in ordering it, and were trying to cover themselves.  They could have just been honest with me. but no, those silly people at FP lied to a StarWars geek about a Star Wars book!  GRRRRRR bad FP!  I may still take pleasure in wandering around the wee shop in Buchanan St from time to time, but buy anything from thier website again?  nae chance!


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