Thank you

Theres something wonderfully simple, yet greatly rewarding in those 2 small words.

Even moreso when heard at the Altar during the distribution of communion.  Visitors often do not know what to say when being given the bread and the wine, and so offer thanks.  Whether they’re thanking me for distributing it, or thanking the one who made the sacrifice i’m never quite sure.

“The body of Christ  broken for you” …  “thank you” :  Sometimes a thank you seems so much more appropriate than Amen (so be it).  or maybe its just the way my mind works.


4 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Jan says:

    Jonathan’s favourite response is “Cheers!”

  2. Ali says:

    why does that not surprise me?

    • Jonathan says:

      If He was handing handing you a drink nowadays, what would you say?

      Possibly “thank you”, maybe “ta” but more likely “thanks” or “cheers” since he wasn’t one to stand on ceremony 🙂

      Okay, different contexts and all that, so yes I am trying to stimulate some thought – in me as much as the poor server 🙂

  3. Fr Dougal says:

    Sounds even more appropriate in Greek: “Te eucharisto”:-)

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