its been a bit of a mad-dash weekend.  Firstly to Lenzie for the preliminary meeting of the electoral synod in the hunt for a new bishop.

The Primus, +David, outlined the procedures, explaining how canon 4 works and the timescale for things happenining.

Nominations will be recieved up to 15 October – and must be submitted on the form available on the diocesan website, with signature of both proposer and nominee.  If all goes well in the whittling down and interviewing of nominees, candidates will present themselves before the electoral synod in early January, and Consecration sometime in April.

At one point, there was space to freely say what one hoped for in a new bishop,  my comment went something like this:

I want a bishop who will care about me and what is going on in my life and in my charges, and how this affects my ministry as a priest….  I want a bishop who will inspire me, and encourage me in mission and ministry, who will enable me to be a better priest to the people I serve and will help me to find the tools to encourage the congergations i serve to move forward in mission.

This was not the whole of it – i cant remember exactly, it was more a plea from the heart than a rehearsed script – I hadnt planned on commenting.

Other valuable comments came also – a Bishop who will work well with all groups/factions within the diocese: gay or straight, evangelical or high church, male or female.  Someone to challenge us, guided by the Spirit, encourage us, enable us to grow;  father in Christ.

A huge shopping list, from a few voices – but each of those voices was welcomed and respected by the Primus.  I doubt we will get all of what we hope for – we ask for superman (or superwoman) , but we will get a human, male or female, most suited to the job, discerned by a lengthy process.  Pray for the diocese, for those who feel called to the role, and for those whose job it is to elect a new Bish!

In the afternoon, a dash across the foot of the campsies to Bearsden for the institution of Revd Kirstin Freeman to the joint charges of All Saints, Bearsden and St Andrews Milngavie.  A brilliant sermon from Revd Ruth of the Purple Hair, a memorial afternoon (unfortunately no wine at the bash in the BB hall afterwards…), and a new neighbour in the region.  Welcome Kirsten 🙂  The Dean did a stand up job as celebrant in the absence of a Diocesan Bishop .

This morning – Back to Church Sunday in both congregations- plenty of food, good welcomes all round and an invitation to the harvest celebrations in 2 weeks (more free food).  Both congregations saw several new/returning faces, though how much of a return it will be I’m not sure – several complained that it was no longer a prayer book service (hasnt been for a LONG time), and that they found it difficult to follow, despite ditching the blue bookie in favour of full service booklets custom printed for the occasion.  Ho hum.  A couple of people said they would be back for harvest tho, and the occaisional prayerbook liturgy on a Wednesday morning in HC might bring a few along, for the coffee and catch-up post service if nothing else.  Both congregations worked hard to make the morning a success and to welcome back these friends of yore – and well done them for taking the time and the risk


One thought on “busyness

  1. Kirstin says:

    Thank you for the welcome Ali, Ruth was indeed brillant, as for the no wine, I was as shocked as you, however it was because the BB hall was used, if it had been in All Saints halls there would have been wine!

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