card games…

see Testament Trumps

Why does Elisha look like Ali G? or Pharoah like a badly drawn Tom Cruise?

“How do you play Testament Trumps I hear you ask? Well it’s simple and really good fun to play with your friends, brothers, sisters and your parents.” says the website.

interesting idea, but  if 2 kids turn up in the playground, one with these cards, and the other with the latest Doctor Who Top Trumps, I know which one is gonna get his head slapped by his pals!

5 thoughts on “card games…

  1. Fr Dougal says:

    Please tell me this is spoof! Pleeese!! ROFL

  2. Ali says:

    unfortunately the advertisment i found for these came from the Church Times website, not Ship of Fools….

  3. Kenny says:

    Deal me in! Lets have a game next time the clergy of NWRC meet! Please! Please!

  4. Fr Dougal says:

    Here, you could have a clergy away day and play “Strip Testament Trumps”! Is there a John Mark card?

  5. Ali says:

    i think you may be on your own on that one Dougal!

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