Star Trek: the reboot

Been to see this twice now – it was THAT good.

Its very reminiscent of Star Wars, which should come as no surprise as director JJ Abrams is more of a Star Wars than Star Trek fan.  The similarities are background character plays – the loner farmboy with a love of fast vehicles, poor relationship with the Uncle looking after him (temporarily – this farmboy is not an orphan), finds a mentor who encourages him to fulfill his true potential, planet destroying weapon and evil enemy.  However, this does not feel like a Star Wars movie for Trekkies.  The similarities add to, rather than detract or distract, from the plot development.

This is definitely a reboot of the Star Trek franchise – rather than get lost in Trek Canon and attempt to create a movie for which he has little passion, Abrams has successfully created a movie that non-trekkies can enjoy, fans of the originals and the Spin-offs can relate to, and which has created a timeline different to that of the original Star Trek series and subsequent movies/spin-offs.  Whether this is a good or a bad move remains to be seen – it is a bold move with the potential to both annoy and excite die hard fans: this is largely dependant on how they handle the remaining 2 movies that are contracted, and where the franchise goes from here.  At the same time it gives time and space to explore new ideas, new places and new themes – to go boldly where no-one has gone before within the Star Trek universe.

The casting choices are well made, and the various tips of the proverbial hat to the humour and grit of the original make it an enjoyable, believable addition to the Star Trek universe:  Simon Pegg’s adlib as Scotty “get tae f…” a hilarious well placed nod to the Scots, especially those who comprise his RL family, Karl Urban as the the irascible Bones, “damnit Jim…” making him seem the most natural of the crew to step into the shoes of the original cast.  None of the hat-tips seem shoe-horned in, but appear as a natural part of the discourse, and perfectly timed.

Overall, this was a fantastic movie, and one I would definately see again – Highly recommended!

One thought on “Star Trek: the reboot

  1. Eamonn says:

    Glad to see you’re beginning to recover your interest in life – even if not as we know it! And we do – pray, I mean.

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