Brewster’s Millions?

Other than a comment on John McCain’s running mate, on Gadgetvicar’s blog, I have not commented on the forthcoming US election.  Until now. My vote (in reality) is Richard Pryor’s call in Brewster’s Millions  – none of the above, though part of me wishes it were different.

In case you have been living on a desert island for the last few month, on 4th November a nation votes, and a day or so later we will know who will be the next President of the US. This is an election in which I have taken great interest – possibly even more than our own general elections, for several reasons: whoever is elected will have to work long and hard to rebuild international faith and trust in a government which over the last 8 years has “misspoken”, “misrepresented”, “misunderstood” both their own people and circumstance; they will be a prime mover in the rebuilding of America’s (and by consequence our own) economy; they will have to deal with the war in Iraq, occupation in Afghanistan, and the threat of war elsewhere. It is an important, historic election both for the USA and for all of us. It is also the first time a black man or a woman have climbed so high on a presidential electoral campaign – whichever side wins history will be made for that fact alone.

I’ve watched the presidential and vice-presidential debates, read the reports, the blogs, watched the serious and not so serious comments by pundits and newscasters and special interest broadcasters.  I’ve talked to some of my American friends about their perspectives, preconceptions and if/how their views have changed.I’ve laughed at the gaffs, been dismayed negative campaigning, and shouted at the TV.  Oh, I wish I could vote!

Contrary to those US friends I have talked to  – I would be voting Barack Obama/Joe Biden.  It is his policies I feel which will give stability; his honesty in acknowledging there are somethings which will take longer or may even have to be dropped as the economy continues to run ground, his calm in the face of attack and his humour expressed most visibly in this clip from the Al Smith dinner.

This election is about so much more than who will be leading America for the next 4 or 8 years.  For those of us on the outside looking in it is also about international stability, economic transparency, the care of this planet and all on it – even if we dont necesarily agree with them.  Any US citizens reading  – feel free to disagree with who I would vote for – but VOTE!  Excercise the democratic right you have, and which your government has attempted to impose through conflict on others because it is felt to be of such high value.  if you cannot bring yourself to vote either republican or democrat vote independant or spoil your paper – but let your voice be heard.


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