Taken a month off blogging, had a holiday, got annoyed at builders – life goes on and on.

Since i last posted the building project at HC has moved on in leaps and bounds – one or two hiccups as is often the case, but is progressing pretty much on schedule (YAY!)

A fortnight in Spain, visiting family was a welcome break from the ups and downs of day to day life – especially when it means wandering around in the heat of the Costa del Sol while Glasgow drowns in rain.  Thankfully we weren’t flying with XL, so were unnaffected too much by that – although brother-in-law S had to work long hours sorting out flights for people who had travelled with XL (he’s a senior tour rep).  Fun on the beach, lots of walking up the hils (they live at the foot out the mountains in Aroyyo, just outside Benalmadena) and way too much spoiling of C&C (aged 1 and 4)

Church was fun – pentecostal group of about 50 meeting in a shopfront 5 mins from the beach.  Its a long time since I visited our pentecostal brotehrs and sisters for worship, and the atmosphere was great – welcoming, worshipful, low key.  A couple of things were said in the sermon which I dont particularly subscribe to ( he was talking about the LHC and creationism for a minute or so), but that didnt detract from his overall message.

Following the service it was down to the beach for a baptism in the Med!  I’ve witnessed a few sea baptisms before, when I was a student in St Andrews and occasionally visiting the local house church there, baptisms invovled being dunked in the pool off Castle Sands. FREEZIN!  If I were to do it all again, I know which I would prefer  (my own  baptism was a freezing cold baptismal tank set into the floor of an Anglican church in Sheffield 20 years ago!)


One thought on “reprise

  1. Kenny says:

    Great news about Holy Cross! Take another “yay” from me. I was baptised in lukewarm water in that parish!

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