5 years on…

yes – thats right – we have now been in Jordanhill and Knightswood for 5 years – so today we had the annual cholestoral-fest which is the rectory barbecue – in the church gardens, for fear of drowning in the rectory lawn (waterlogged is an understatement).

Whilst I was charcoaling meat of various kinds, our Lay Reader snuck a 5th Birthday card into the house – a sweet touch which brought a smile to my face.

The last 5 years have been challenging, at times heartbreaking: small struggling congregations with various age related problems and worries about the future – but on the whole it has been a delight and a blessing to be with these people, to jouney with them in their struggles and heartaches.

To top a busy day we had friends from the Cathedral choir moonlighting evensong today – once a year, during their summer break they come and join with us.  A poorly attended service (it often is) but one appreciated by those who come.  Fantastic stuff.

So thanks for the card, and thanks for the years so far!


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