Clearing and redeveloping

Over the last 2 years (which feels like forever) the vestry of Holy Cross have been looking at redeveloping the rather huge complex of church halls in partnership with a pre-school nursery.  its been a daunting thing to get into for Holy Cross.  They are a small congregation, faithful and hopeful, yet fearful of what the future holds for both them and their buildings.

The partnership with the nursery is one which has brought a lot of joy and also sadness over the last 2 years – sadness at the fact that Holy Cross is no longer of a size able to sustain or maintain the building complex alone, but joy that the buildings are once more to be looked after with the TLC they require and deserve.

Its been a hairy few months especially as all the paperwork has been going through – building warrants, care commission information and policies, so many points at which the project could collapse.

It will be wonderful to see it all finished and to know our buildings are being used once more for the benefit of our community.

The whole process has been highly stressful and tiring, and several colleagues have commented that I look (or sound) like I could do with a holiday – and they’re right!  Now things are finally falling into place: the great clearout has begun in earnest, the building work begins soon!


2 thoughts on “Clearing and redeveloping

  1. Kenny says:

    Wonderful to hear that the church of my childhood, my parish as I always think of it, is going forward into a new future! My mother and grandparents will be singing Te Deums in heaven!

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