Rocking Capuchin

…and thats a monk not a monkey.

Brother Cesare  AKA Brother Metal, inspired by his attendance at a Metallica concert has just released his second album.  He really is a Capuchin monk, see the full story here.

In every generation, a new style of music is blamed as the evils of youth culture – from the mods and rockers of the 50’s and 60’s, the punks of the 70’s, glam rockers of the 80’s; goths, new romantics, emo’s.  Music plays such a role in identity and culture especially amongst the young that people tend to fear the new and scapegoat it.  But its purpose is to be heard, to be enjoyed, to express those things  unmusical mortals such as myself  often fiind difficult to put into words.  Long may it contiinue in all its forms (and that includes the ones I dont particularly like….)

And i really hope he manages to flog an album to the Pope….


One thought on “Rocking Capuchin

  1. […] metal monk retiring from showbiz November 14, 2009 Posted by Ali in Church, music. trackback see the Beeb here.  I’ve blogged about his music before, see here […]

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