New Gospel?

My colleague and occasional drinking buddy Dave commented on the biker heckler in Putney, and talks about a new gospel which is being preached by the “liberal” wing of the church.  Even my good friend and parent of my 2 god-daughters Hirsute Jonathan commented (tongue in cheek i hope!) at the liberal northerners.

I do not have any problems with those who are gay, unsure or struggling with their sexual identity being in church – or being in positions of authority in the Church.  God calls whomsoever God will call.  Does this make me a “liberal?”  A heretic?  A preacher of a new gospel?

I preach Christ Crucified – Christ living, dying, raising so that all of us may have life in all its fullness.  I preach the Gospel handed down – that this same Christ came to release prisoners, feed the poor, heal the sick, proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God.  Christ’s Gospel says nothing of sexuality – but plenty regarding justice.  Christ’s gospel shows courage and compassion for the oppressed, for the trapped, for the pained, that they may live the life they were created to live in all its fullness and grace.

I believe fervently in the love of Christ for all people – regardless of whether or not i agree or disagree with then, whether or not I personally like them.  I believe in God’s goodness, shown ultimately in the gift of his Son.  I believe completely and passionately in the Christ who can transform a damaged life and bring wholeness.  I believe and preach the Gospel of Christ.  I even believe something Paul wrote – that there is nothing in heaven or in earth, things that are or things to come, that can separate us from the love of God in Christ.

New Gospel?  only about 2000 years new!


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