not the end of the world…

The BBC kicked of this morning with a story that the earth is not at risk when the Large Hadron Collider goes on line at CERN in the summer.

The LHC (from what i understand – I am no scientist) is a huge underground tunnel in which protons will be smashed into each other at ultra-high speed so scientists can see what happens, and maybe extrapolate what happened at the “big bang”.

in 2003, Dr Adrian Kent, ….expressed concern that a fundamental question (how improbable does a cataclysm have to be to warrant proceeding with an experiment?) had never been seriously inspected.

I’m fascinated by this kind of science, but know i do not know enough (nor probably ever will) to fully understand it.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens abd getting lost in the technicalities of the results when the LHC at CERN goes online.  if it goes well, there will be some fascinating insights to explore (I hope).  Possibilities of black holes sucking in the earth and the universe as we know it are “highly exaggerated”.  That’s ok then…


One thought on “not the end of the world…

  1. Kenny says:

    I’m told that this could be the point when we discover time-travel! Exciting eh?

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