What are we doing????

Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change have pulled out of the election process in Zimbabwe, regardless of the fact they were winning the  popular vote, and won the last round of the election (tho not by enough to win the election outright).  They have had to pull out after repeated arrests, and the deaths of over 70 supporters, and the victimisation of many more.  I do not doubt the numbers, or underestimate the violence, especially after talking to families in my church who have been fortunate to escape the atrocities in Zimbabwe.

700 people feared lost after the typhoon which capsized a ferry in the Philippines.

Iraqi police have been under attack by suicide bombers again, and genocide is still happening in Darfur.

Add to that the people starving, dehydrating and failing to get inexpensive medication throughout the African nations, as a result of both corruption and inactivity.

What is the church doing whilst all this is happening before our eyes?  Bitching about sexuality, being divisive and damaging.

This week GafCon is meeting in Jerusalem – a lot of those bishops who refuse to go to Lambeth getting together in a Holy huddle to talk about the state of the Anglican communion.

Next month Lambeth meets: +Gene Robinson is banned from attending, +Michael Nazir Ali of Rochester Diocese refuses to go, many others are boycotting the meeting.

The world is doing itself major injuries all around us – and we buy into the scandals and scandalise each other, judging each other not by the words of Christ but by our prejudices.

This is only the second time I have come out and said this publicly – the first was in my sermon this morning.  I do not give a monkey’s if you are gay or straight, layperson, priest or bishop: you are welcome in my churches.  I am not going to grill you about your sexuality or history before you may recieve the sacrament at the altar I serve.

I do not particularly care on which side of the fence you fall in regards to the sexuality/theology debates.

However, and I do not apologise for the bluntness or language here – if we are going to show Christ’s love and clean up this bathroom in which we live, we have got to stop crapping in the bath!  There are more important issues to be scandalised over than sex.

People are dying at the hands of Dictators, in unjust wars, for lack of readily available food and medical supplies, while the enlightened west increases its waistline and pomposity.  Issues that Christ felt important enough to comment on and care about – feed the starving, heal the sick, free the prisoners, love your enemies – these are the issues we are called to address.  But it’s easier to bitch about sex and to play the game of making ourselves feel superior/holier by putting each other down.

I just wonder – what do we think we are doing here?


4 thoughts on “What are we doing????

  1. Kenny says:

    Cannot hear myself think for the noise of applause from St Augustine’s Dumbarton!

  2. Ali says:

    Cheers Kenny – I was in a bit of a rant mood yesterday, you may have noticed 🙂 I stand by everything i said, regardless

  3. Wee Ruthie says:

    I agree – just one point though, surely it’s God’s church and not your church? – just an aside.

  4. Ali says:

    Agree 100% Ruth, which is why the only time I have used the possessive “my” regarding the church is in reference to the 2 wee congregations I serve. They too are God’s church, but are also my responsibility, and are the local communities of faith of which i am a part. Its merely a part of the sense of belonging to a small part of something much bigger.

    If you meant something other than that, please elaborate 🙂

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