I’m back!

After technical difficulties and random bouts of boredom caused me to delete “oldCynic”, I’m back – new name, new(er) thoughts, still taking on the framework of my eclectic nature . Theology, faith, gaming, music, fun and more – not in any reasonable order, not always fully thought out or explored in great detail – such is the randomness of life and my propensity to waffle!

From the old blog, I’ve taken some things to heart – largely that I am neither particularly old nor particularly cynical (tho I can be from time to time) – thanks for that Kimberly!. Also – although a Priest, this is not primarily a theology blog; despite my geekish tendencies, I hope this blog will not be too geeky for whoever is reading. Fom time to time I may get bored with the process of blogging, and take a few days off – or simply not have anything either blog-appropriate or blog-worthy. Such is life. take it or leave it, but enjoy it and join in


2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Ali says:

    hey Jonathan 🙂

    thanks for the nagging….

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